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About Dr. Ricky Gallaway

Leadership coaching will improve your professional and personal performance, increase self-awareness, and empower you to become a GREATER leader on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

Ricky Gallaway is a distinguished international business strategist and the esteemed President and CEO of Transcontinental Consulting, a globally recognized business consulting firm headquartered in Stafford, Virginia. With a relentless focus on business management consulting, strategic operations, and executive leadership. Transcontinental Consulting has garnered a reputation for excellence in guiding organizations to reach their full potential. Notably, the firm is also a registered Free Zone business in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Gallaway's professional journey is marked by his unwavering commitment to empowering business owners, both on a domestic and international scale, to orchestrate profound transformations within their organizations. His core mission is to enable personnel to align with their respective missions and unlock their full potential by harnessing the five critical success factors of business

development. Beyond his executive role, Dr. Gallaway is a prolific author, a certified coach, a dynamic speaker, and an accomplished trainer. He provides expert consulting services to corporate leaders, assisting them in enhancing personal and collective clarity, pioneering innovative response techniques, leveraging strengths, cultivating productive relationships, and achieving strategic goals.

Dr. Gallaway's influence extends far and wide, as he has played an instrumental role in reshaping work environments across diverse sectors, including the private, public, government, and non-profit realms. His hallmark lies in guiding clients and their teams to realize their strategic goals, consistently delivering value that surpasses expectations. Furthermore, he has collaborated with various organizations to refine their mission and vision statements, fine-tune goals and objectives, and develop forward-looking strategic initiatives. Dr. Gallaway's clients universally praise him as transformational, strategically astute, well-informed, perceptive, intriguing, deeply committed, and unfailingly engaging.

At the core of Dr. Gallaway's professional philosophy is the belief that the growth and success of businesses hinge upon the art of strategic leadership. His unique expertise lies in shepherding his clients through the intricate stages of technical and operational management, ultimately leading to the realization of their strategic vision. This exceptional ability has earned him a reputation deeply rooted in the delivery of value, consistently guiding clients and their teams toward the achievement of their loftiest strategic aspirations. His communication style is notable for its engagement and straightforwardness, rendering complex concepts accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of race, creed, or culture.

Dr. Gallaway's academic achievements underscore his commitment to excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Science from Binghamton University, a Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Southeastern University, a Master of Business Administration in International Business from Strayer University, and a Doctor of Management in Organization Leadership, specializing in Information Systems and Technology Management, from the prestigious University of Phoenix. These impressive credentials solidify his status as a leading authority in the fields of international business strategy and leadership coaching.

Credentials and affiliation:


Key Performance 

  • Proven expertise in business mastery (Leadership, Operations, Sales, Finance, and Marketing)

  • Leading and managing professional environments with multiple department disciplines

  • Systems and Processes Improvements 

  • Building and training highly effective teams

  • Organizational structure alignment

  • Establishing a positive culturally diverse work culture

  • Develop strategic and operations plans, performance measures, and action steps to achieve organizational goals

  • Developing, communicating, and administering policy, standard operating, and internal control procedures

  • Full-spectrum management, administration, oversight of local government service areas.

  • Change management, conflict management, and conflict resolution training

  • International Business Analysis 

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