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Leadership Coaching will help you re-frame your professional, personal, and leadership challenges.

"Leadership develops daily, not in a day." John Maxwell


Global and domestic businesses are moving at exponential speed, frequent job shifts, and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes. As a result, organizations are in great need of leaders who demonstrate the ability to guide personnel through workplace challenges, rapidly adapt to change, help them improve performance, and lead them through career decisions.


Dr. Gallaway’s coaching provides one-on-one, customized leadership development opportunities for both in leadership positions or seeking to secure leadership positions. The personal, supportive environment provided will leverage tools, resources, foster new ways of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve significant business results.


Dr. Gallaway’s coaching strategies ensure he and the client establish a sound, constructive relationship from the outset. Through regular contact, I will grow to understand strengths and weaknesses, which inform the development of innovative, personalized solutions.


In What Got You Here, Won't Get You There, Marshall Goldsmith noted, "It is important to realize that the higher one rises in a company, the less honest feedback one receives." For that reason, we will use the 360-degree leadership assessment to develop a holistic understanding of your skills and perceived skills both technical and soft. Properly executed, a 360 can have an amazing transformative effect on organization leaders, on their teams, and on their companies as a whole.


"Everything rises and fall on Leadership" ~ John C. Maxwell


The hardest person to lead is yourself; however, once we elevate your leadership lid, you will increase your abilities to build a better organization culture of responsibility, maturity, and exceptional performance.


After working with Dr. Gallaway clients frequently witness:

  • Transformation of mindset;

  • Increased depth and breadth of their leadership skills;

  • Increased business growth;

  • Ability to step out of his or her comfort zone to explore new options;

  • Increased ability to set priorities, identify and overcome potential obstacles; and

  • Ability to achieve a personal goal such as happiness, improved health, financial security, or better relationships.


Becoming a leader is a process that takes time and investment, so let's get started.


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