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Growth Marketing


     If finance is the flow of cash in and out of your business, growth for your business is the flow of customers or clients to your business.


     Growth marketing is a vital entity within the marketing scheme of the business model and has altered the manner in which marketers conceptualized driving demand and establishing fortunate customers. 


     Growth marketing focuses on attracting new customers and sustaining existing ones.  There are two forms of marketing in the world (1) brand-focused marketing, and (2) direct response marketing. Brand focus marketing is costly and ineffective for small business owners; however, direct response marketing, done well, makes a small business exceptionally successful.


Know your Lane

As a small business owner, your marketing campaign should solely focus on Direct Response Marketing methodologies.  Brand marketing is for larger more established companies such as,

and returns that have substantial mar such an approach.  Your small business will be                                                                                                   grossly challenged with the brand marketing approach.                                                                                   The most notable differences between brand and direct                                                                                   marketing are direct response marketing focus timely,                                                                                       specific, and measurable results from the targeted                                                                                             audience, and those results are measured in the form of                                                                                    returns on investment.


Successful direct response marketing requires businesses to completely alter the rules of traditional mediums or establish new mechanisms outside those mediums.  Growth marketing requires creativity, persistence, and a relentless pursuit of success. Absent your tenacity and relentlessness; your business may decline and ultimately go out of business.


    Growth marketing is rooted in understanding your product or service and the value derived from the experience because of your product or service.


    When you alter your negative mindset and follow the philosophy of growth marketing, we move you from the traditional approach to the more advantageous growth approach.












     Throughout our partnership, we will examine how each of the elements in the funnel that will benefit your business and how and at what moment we should incorporate those elements.


     It is absolutely true that failure is very much part of the growth process, providing you are failing forward.  However, you do not have to address daily failures, hardships, and minimal results most small business owners encounter if you are willing to change your thought processes and think outside of the box of "struggles" like most small business owners.


     Allow me to help you build your way to success. Provide your contact information below to get your COMPLIMENTARY copy of the Entrepreneur Success Guide - A Strategic Guide to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Mindset - WORKBOOK.

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